Sunday, April 8, 2018

Blogger Meetup at Poshmark Live LA

On Thursday, March 22, I met up with Rena of Fine-Whatever.
We attended the Poshmark Live party at the SLS Hotel. It was a low admission fee ($10) and we went hoping to learn some new tips for selling out of our Poshmark Closets.

Small bites were offered on trays, we made a toast with these guacamole-filled trumpets:
There was going to be a pep talk with Poshmark's founder, Manish Chandra, in one of the ballrooms.
I planted myself in a chair (still freshly gimpy from my vacation fall) and passed the time sketching.
Most of my muses are in the blurry background!
[photo by Rena]
The talk was very, um, peppy. (Yes, I'm a jaded ex-corporate worker bee).
Was it worth it? Well, I guess it was worth $10.

Spending time chatting with Rena was, of course, priceless.
We both admitted guilt of impulse buying off the site -- there are flash sales that encourage this sort of thing.
Here are some of my failures (mostly fit issues) that I'm now reselling:
Don't ask about the Brown Shoe Obsession. I have no explanation for you!
It's not all bad buys, I HAVE found some great items on Poshmark --
shoes (Fluevogs even), scarves, Lularoe items.

Links to our Closets (sorry, US purchasers only) (you may have to sign up to see items):
I sell lots of weird vintage garments and accessories, many that I got from friend Larry's stash.
I also have a boatload of earrings and necklaces yet to list that I made in the '80s, from vintage glass beads.
Rena's Closet (Finewhatev) is more practical (like Rena herself!).

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Are you on Poshmark? Leave your Closet Name in the comments!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

A Cloudy Day at the Beach, Hunting Island, SC

Last week Severo and I flew East to visit my mom on Fripp Island in South Carolina.
Despite my clumsy falling-and-spraining-my-knee episode, we had a great time.
[I think I have eaten my fill of shrimp for a few months!]

Here is our visit to Hunting Island, the next Island north of Fripp (which is a gated, private resort).
Hunting Island is one of the few South Carolina State Parks with beach access and camping.
It was hard hit by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, and the park was closed for a long time, much to the consternation of all who like to visit. There are still a lot of fallen trees and riff-raff on the beach and throughout the island. Slowly, the state is getting it cleaned up, and rebuilding demolished structures.
Severo, me, Mom
Mom and Severo survey the beach.
Beach vista. The "foam" on the sand is soap suds. I don't know why.
Beach feet.
How to dress in an uncoordinated manner, plus cane.
A non-fashion comfort statement!
Driving around to the lagoon, rustic road!
At the lagoon, with tilting palms -- result of the hurricane.
Waterlogue (digital watercolor) of the lagoon.
The Hunting Island lighthouse, as seen through one of the display shed's windows.
The lighthouse, which one can climb for a $2 admission fee. We didn't.
Unintentional selfie outtake, as one does when everyone is 60+.
The tilted horizon adds to the whole effect.
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Monday, March 19, 2018

2018 Oscar Nomination Costumes at FIDM

Here are costumes from films nominated for the 2018 Oscars, on exhibit at the FIDM Museum until April 7, 2018.
Shown in the order that I saw them!
The Greatest Showman, designer: Ellen Mirojnick
Girls Trip, designer: Danielle Hollowell
Thor: Ragnarok, designer: Mayes C. Rubeo
Wonder Woman, designer: Lindy Hemming
Blade Runner 2049, designer: Renee April
Phantom Thread, designer: Mark Bridges
Phantom Thread
Phantom Thread
Okja, designer: Catherine George and Se-yeon Choi
Battle of the Sexes, designer: Mary Zophres
Battle of the Sexes, detail of jacket
I, Tonya, designer: Jennifer Johnson
Pitch Perfect 3, designer: Salvador Perez
Pitch Perfect 3
Pitch Perfect 3
Wonderstruck, designer: Sandy Powell
It, designer: Janie Bryant
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